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Query: Benefit of Debt Fund Investment

Category: Mutual Fund

Answer: Why I should choose debt oriented mutual funds?

Date Posted 27-Nov-2019
Posted By Kumar Prakash
Views: 558

Admin On 27-Nov-2019
Debt funds are a most commonly used investment option because of the stability and liquidity feature. Mostly unaware, new and conservative investors prefer the debt funds. Since the returns are not moderate but the risk is low, but experienced investors generally do not choose the debt funds. If you are a short-term investor, invest more in liquid funds. The returns offered are in the range of near FD rates. Apart from these debt funds offers taxation benefits as we can take indexation benefit in case of long-term debt funds and also the tax rates for short term debts is also lesser than general higher slabs of income tax. In Short, we have following benefits from debt oriented mutual funds: 1. Liquidity 2. Tax Savings 3. Flexibility 4. Stable income

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