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Query: Difference between Articles & Audit Assistant

Category: Students

Answer: Hi, there are two concepts of Articleship, One as a Article trainee, another is audit assistant, Can anyone please explain the difference.

Date Posted 18-Jul-2019
Posted By Pooja
Views: 5400

Admin On 18-Jul-2019
1. There are two type of trainees under this course, one is article trainee and another is audit assistant. 2. Student has to serve as an article assistant for a period of 3 years, alternatively he can serve as an audit assistant for a period of 4 years. But before intending to join as an audit assistant, a student has to serve a minimum period of 1 year as a salaried employee with that employer.
Siddharth Mitra On 28-Jul-2019
Hey, Concept of articleship under ICAI is only 1 infact. Students who have to do 3 years of compulsory training to give their CA final exams as per ICAI need to undergo 'Articleship' as an 'Article Trainee'. The second term that you quoted is not in relation to the course of CA. Any person having a background in accounts can work as an 'Audit Assistant' in a firm or an industry. He is working like this to get an understanding of the work and the job, his purpose is not to appear for final exams. In a short view, Article Trainee receives Stipend as per Institute or Firm norms and Audit Assistant receives Salary for his job. I hope it served your purpose. Have a great year :)

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