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ERP Software


highlights: HRMS, Payroll Software, Asset Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Project Management Software, Manufacturing ERP, EPC, Trading ERP, Textile ERP, Rental Management Software, Accounting GST/VAT Software, CRM


Effitrac ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution designed for businesses, providing them with a micro-verticalized platform that centralizes all facets of their businesses, including production process, accountingpurchase management, inventory management, supplier management, and customer management among others. It enables companies to fully streamline all their processes, resulting in seamless and frictionless business operations.

With Effitrac ERP, businesses speed up their tasks and workflows via powerful automation. They enjoy absolute real-time visibility over the business and access reliable business data, allowing them to make intelligent business decisions and quick decisive actions.

Effitrac ERP provides users with customizable reports that are highly accurate, giving them insights into their business that will help drive growth and achieve business goals.

Date Posted: 07-Nov-2019
Source: effitrac Solutions
Posted By: effitrac solutions
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