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Query: How to improve my skill sets as a professional?

Category: Career

Answer: I have completed 3 years articleship in medium size firm. From there I gained knowledge of Income tax, Accounting work and some GST work also. But now I want to know what should I do further to improve my skills? Should I join in Company to learn account software or else? I am from village area of west Bengal so I didn't speak english fluently what I can for it?. Pls suggest me.

Date Posted 10-Aug-2019
Posted By Suvadip Bera
Views: 1146

Admin On 10-Aug-2019
Go for a Job in a Mid Size Corporate, Do not compare CTC with your peers, focus on learning, Be Eklavya, take responsibilities , do not under estimate systems, learn each & every system in depth, do not judge your job by work profile. Slowly within 3 years you will cross the competition of 80% of qualified but unlearned people. English is not the criteria for technical jobs, try to speak & write English, slowly you will be comfortable in English.

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