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Vacancy For B. COM As Ops Specialist, Line (Operations) With Morgan Stanley At Mumbai

Company: Morgan Stanley
Location: Mumbai

Required Skills: B. COM , Ops Specialist, Line (Operations)
Required Exp: Fresher
Address: Mumbai
Category: Others

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:  Non-Japan Asia-India-Maharashtra-Mumbai (MSA)

EDUCATION LEVEL:  Bachelor’s Degree


:  Other


JOB LEVEL:  Associate




1) Statement of Role: This role deals directly with OTC Equity Swap settlements, including pre and post settlement investigation. 2) Why the role is necessary?: This role is necessary to complete the day to day functions of pre and post settlement trade queries for Equity swap products. 3) Impact of not hiring: The impact of not hiring this role would be negative. The aged day fails would increase as the other team members, who are already stretched, would have an increased workload. This would incur risk with possible missed confirmations and inaccurate settlement. Not all day to day functions would be completed with possibility of risk incidents. Failure to hire would also leave the Firm open to reputational risk, given the teams frequent interactions with external clients. 4)New role vs backfill: Backfill 5) Team Size: 13 6) Utilization: 147% (Sep)




B. Com

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Date Posted:19-Nov-2021
Posted By: Abhinash kumar jha
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Vacancy For B. COM As Ops Specialist, Line (Operations) With Morgan Stanley At Mumbai