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Vacancy For BS/MS In Computer Science As Paranoids Software Engineer With Yahoo,Sunnyvale (US)

Company: Yahoo
Location: Overseas

Required Skills: BS/MS In Computer Science , Paranoids Software Engineer
Required Exp: 3 to 5 years
Address: Sunnyvale (US)
Category: Overseas Openings

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You will be responsible for the design and development of end-to-end features to help make one of the world’s largest internet services the most secure and user friendly, working with seasoned architects, data scientists, creative product managers and a group of very bright engineers. You must have strong development experience in object-oriented languages, practiced test-driven and agile development religiously, are familiar with web security and scrum methodology and can leverage cloud, big data and machine learning. You have an analytical and problem solving mindset to complement your superior communication and presentation skills. You can meet people and quickly get to the essence of their issues. You can make good recommendations on how they should architect their systems to meet their needs while aligning their requirements with the Paranoids organization’s roadmap.

  • Participate in weekly scrum team planning meetings and daily stand-ups

  • Design and scope solutions for new features, and participate in design review discussions

  • Implement new features, including unit tests, functional tests, and documentation

  • Demo what you have completed, when appropriate, in a weekly meeting to solicit feedback to further improve the feature

  • Participate in code reviews of other engineers’ work

  • Evaluate feature requests originating from outside the team, and work with the requester to determine the optimal solution


Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related field.

  • 2+ years of Object Oriented design and Java, Go and/or C++ development experience

  • Experience in designing, developing high performing, and complex server applications

  • Strong foundation in Computer Science, data structures and algorithms

  • Solid understanding of the software development process: test driven development, agile development and scrum

  • Familiarity with web servers and web services API

  • Development experience in Unix/Linux environment

  • Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills



Preferred Qualifications:

  • Good understanding of web related security issues.

  • Familiarity with cryptographic protocols, implementations, vulnerabilities, performance characteristics, and tradeoffs

  • Experience with cloud/grid computing. 

  • Experience working with either a Map Reduce or any other Parallel data processing system.

  • Experience with applying machine learning in product solution.

  • Experience with data pipelines, statistical analysis, machine learning, AI

  • Experience in API and SDK design

  • Proficiency in HTML, XML, and SOAP

  • Experience in shell scripting and Perl

  • Working knowledge of RDBMS, SQL and NoSQL

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Date Posted:22-Jun-2020
Posted By: Abhinash kumar jha
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Vacancy For BS/MS In Computer Science As Paranoids Software Engineer With Yahoo,Sunnyvale (US)