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Vacancy For CA,CPA As Associate Director in Financial Services Based Industry , Gurgaon

Company: MVK Consultants
Location: Gurgaon

Required Skills: CA ,CPA ,Finance, TS reports, Transactions
Required Exp: 6 to 10 years
Address: Gurgaon
Category: Director/CFO Jobs

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Identification of key issues and carrying out the relevant financial analysis To undertake smaller assignments or assist in larger assignments reporting to Partner, with their limited supervision Preparation of good TS reports, including review of sections compiled by other team members on the job Management of and contribution to the development of junior staff, including timely and objective feedback on every job Establishing credibility with clients/targets as a representative of KPMG Transaction Services Maintaining business contacts at middle/senior levels (i.e. it is our expectation that Associate Director will make a positive commitment to maintaining contact with people they meet on transactions, who may become important providers of work in the future) To actively participate in compiling proposals/business development activities To contribute to the effective working of the team and development of team morale Ensure that risk documentation are completed for all jobs on a timely basis as per the applicable T&R technical/risk management policies To contribute to practice development initiative, if possible – sales, people, solution development etc.

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Date Posted:11-Oct-2019
Posted By: kumar shubham
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Vacancy For CA,CPA As Associate Director in Financial Services Based Industry , Gurgaon