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Vacancy For Fresher CA, CPA, CFA, FRM, CQF, Data Science Course, Six Sigma As Valuation, Independent Price Verification (IPV) With Credit Suisse At Pune

Company: Credit Suisse
Location: Pune

Required Skills: CA, CPA, CFA, FRM, CQF, Data Science Course, Six Sigma
Required Exp: Fresher
Address: Pune
Category: CFA Jobs

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Your field of responsibility


Join us as a Product Controller in the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Team. Our primary responsibility is to ensure complete, accurate and timely reporting of the Firm’s P&L, Balance Sheet along with detailed Analysis. Product Control also guards the banks trading activities via the provision of reliable and significant financial information provided to the business managers, external business partners and other relevant internal constituents.

Product Control Analytics (PCA) are responsible for consolidating core production and analytics processes. They solve for commonality, breaks silos, and deliver consistent approaches and output to meet minimum standards. PCA Valuation Controllers provide the below core PCA services for risk factors in scope:

  • Independent Price Verification (IPV): Key control to ensure the firm’s trading and banking assets and liabilities are accurately valued. Failure may lead to misstatement of the firm’s financial-statements, risk information and regulatory reporting. IPV results are reported to Product Control Management and Front Office ensuring appropriate actions can be taken where differences arise. PCA responsibilities include formulating and conducting independent price verification processes.
  • Valuation adjustments are made to ensure the firm’s positions are marked at their appropriate Fair Value in order that the financial- statements are accurate. Fair Value is defined as the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between participants at the measurement date. PCA responsibilities include the calculation of valuation adjustments and coordinating with VRC / BFD functions to report material moves and changes, benchmarking and uncertainty calculations for risk factors in scope.
  • Prudent Valuation is a regulatory requirement to quantify Valuation Uncertainty for Fair Valued positions in PRA/EBA regulated entities in scope. The high-level requirement is to calculate the Fair Value to a 90% confidence level with the difference to the Fair Value Books & Records taken as a direct reduction of from Tier 1 Capital. PCA Valuation will calculate additional valuation adjustments (AVA) for risk factors in scope, in accordance with documented methodologies and submit complete and accurate reporting templates (COREP) to the PCA PruVal reporting team.
  • Governance: Execute controls to detect unauthorized trading or unusual activity and report in a timely manner to senior management. Reporting and reporting of IPV and valuation issues at the relevant meetings/forums. Identification and review of Significant Unobservable Parameters and Prices (SUPP) by the SUPP process. Compliance with PCA related SOX requirements.

This is a critical role within PCA Globally. Usually involvement is concentrated in the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. The tasks performed by this team cover all the Regions. Expectation is that the skills should be fungible across asset classes. PCA employees are afforded the opportunity to develop a full suite of Product Controller skills with a career path that spans all title levels.

Your future colleagues

Product controllers are the financial guardians of the bank’s sales and trading activities. Join a global function employing around 750 people, present in offices across EMEA, APAC, SWISS and the Americas. The team consists of individuals from diverse-background who are result oriented, collaborative, proactive, and with a strong control approach. We are looking for individuals having outstanding analytical skills, a positive attitude with the ability to communicate complex issues in a simple and effective manner.

The department values Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and is committed to realizing the firm’s D&I ambition which is an integral part of our global cultural values


This position offers remote working opportunities for an agreed amount of days per week.

Your skills and experience


Roles in Product Control Analytics are business facing, technical and detail oriented. Hence even managerial positions will require candidate to undertake hands – on tasks.

We are looking for candidates with following background / experiences

  • 0 to 5 years of relevant Investment Banking experience, preferably in Finance or Product control functions.
  • Advanced degree in Accounting, Finance, Mathematics, Engineering. Professional qualifications such as CA, CPA, CFA, FRM, CQF, Data Science course, Six Sigma, etc. would be an advantage.
  • Proficient in capital market products including simple and complex financial derivatives, including their valuation, risk drivers, and the accounting principles underpinning them.
  • Outstanding proficiency in MS Office is expected. Knowledge of SQL, VBA, Python, R, Qlik etc. a plus
  • Can manage workload and thrive under pressure
  • Dedication to fostering an inclusive culture and value diverse perspectives

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Date Posted:01-Sep-2021
Posted By: Abhinash kumar jha
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Vacancy For Fresher CA, CPA, CFA, FRM, CQF, Data Science Course, Six Sigma As Valuation, Independent Price Verification (IPV) With Credit Suisse At Pune