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Query: What will the process of e-invoicing? Do I need to type/write IRN (invoice Reference Number) generated from IRP (Invoice Registration Portal)

Category: GST

Answer: No need to type/write anything on existing invoice, everything is system / software driven. The following process is to be followed: Step 1 Prepare Invoice as usual. Step 2 Generate JSON file of Invoice Step 3 Submit JSON file to IRP (Invoice Registration Portal) These three steps are to be done by taxpayer and rest of the steps shall be done by software itself. Step 4 IRN shall generate the Hash no. (an unique no. of 64 digit by using supplier GST no., FY, Document no. etc.) and QR code (which is similar to bar code) Step 5 GST System shall store this hash detail in its system. And will update ANX-1 of Seller and ANX-2 of Buyer. Step 6 Seller will receive JSON file having digitally signed invoice and digitally signed QR code. And can see the Invoice and GST liability in his ANX-1 Step 7 Buyer can receive registered invoice form IRP (Invoice Registration Portal) and can use QR code to verify the authenticity of invoice. And buyer can also view the detail of ITC related to this invoice in his ANX-2.

Date Posted 30-Dec-2019
Posted By Divya Sharma
Views: 879

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