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Query: What type of documents are required as proof of ownership to a business as part of income proof for applying home loan

Category: Finance

Answer: In case the person applying for home loan has his major income from business, along with his ITR & Bank Statement, he also needs to give some proofs as owner to a business. Following are the tentative list of documents which are required to justify the ownership & existence of business: - 1. PAN Card of Business if it is separate 2. GST Registration Certificate 3. Trade Mark Registration Certificate 4. Audited or certified copies of balance sheet & Profit & loss account of last 2 years along with UDIN no. generated by certifying professional. 5. Copy of ITR of last 3 years 6. Professional Degree and certificate of practise in case of practising professionals 7. Partnership Deed in case partnership firm 8. Company Registration Certificate in case of a Company 9. Roc Compliance Certificate in case of a Company 10. Copy of MOA / AOA in case of a Company.

Date Posted 26-Jan-2020
Posted By Kumar Prakash
Views: 503

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