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Query: Learning more even after doing articleship in one area?

Category: Students

Answer: I have completed my 3 years articleship in Concurrent Audit area only. Now I want to learn other areas also. Suggest me How I can learn??

Date Posted 10-Aug-2019
Posted By Naveed Ahmad
Views: 978

Admin On 10-Aug-2019
There are four type of learning areas one is income tax, accounting, GST etc., another is tally, SAP, Systems, processes, third is banking, financing, investing and the forth is baseline skills like computer hardware software, excel etc. For 1st area take join a medium sized ca firm for a year not big fours, for 2nd skill sets you need to be keen learner while doing assignments with that firm, third you need to learn little later, for forth you need to take help of online resources such as skill share etc.
Naveed Ahmad On 10-Aug-2019
But my 3 years of articleship completed. So shall I join any mid size firm to Learn all things.
Naveed Ahmad On 10-Aug-2019
Completion of Articleship does not mean we are ready to beat. Equip yourself fully as a student only before you engage yourself in a full time profession, there is very less competition once you are equipped. I would strongly advise to join a mid size firm because this is the age to learn, so go on and fill your weapons.

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