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Query: Conversion from CC Limit to WCDL, pros and cons ?

Category: Finance

Answer: What is the benefit of converting the CC limit (Cash Credit) in to WCDL (Demand Loan)?

Date Posted 27-Nov-2019
Posted By Parveen Gupta
Views: 1534

Admin On 27-Nov-2019
In case of WCDL the rate of interest in always lower than the rate of interest charged on CC limits. for example if you are having cc limit of Rs. 20 crore @ 11% p.a. and you know that the minimum utilization of cc limit remains around Rs. 10-12 crore. then in the above case you can take WCDL (Demand loan, which generally ranges from 15 days to 90 days) of Rs. 10 crore and the same may be available around 9.50% to 10.50% (bank to bank vary). Only one negative point in WCDL is that this is beneficail for the amount which is minimum utilisation of your CC limit for the tenure of WCDL (demand loan) and second negative point is that some banks ask for cooling period of 1-2 days before rollover of the WCDL for next period.

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