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Common characteristics of ASD


Everyone with ASD is unique, and their symptoms are different. But there are some common characteristics. Understanding about them will allow people to accept that being different is not a bad thing. It gives a chance to people on the spectrum to overcome obstacles in society because of the lack of awareness.


Here is the list of common characteristics of people on the spectrum.

  1. Lack of social skills

It is one of the common and well-known things about Autism. People with ASD have issues with social interaction. It is easily visible to the children when they don't interact with others for playing and talking.

  1. Empathy

Empathy is described as the ability to understand the feelings of others. Those who have Autism have trouble understanding human emotions and the feelings of others. It may cause strain on their relationships and makes it harder to build relationships.

  1. Avoiding physical contact

Some with ASD may dislike having physical contact with others. They may react intensely to physical contacts like hugs, tickling, and others. 

  1. Sudden change in the environment

Children on the spectrum don't like sudden changes in the environment. Putting them is a public place with noise and distractions will make them uncomfortable. Even normal changes, like switching off and switching on the light, may have the same effect sometimes.

  1. Speech

One of the most common issues faced by people on the spectrum is speech disorders. They may struggle to communicate and speak fluently. There will be symptoms like repeating the same phrases and sounds.

  1. Changes in behavior and routine

People with ASD sometimes have an obsession with the behaviors and routines. Their behavior will not change once they get used to it. It may be just pacing across the room or brushing the teeth in the morning; changes in the routine will make them uncomfortable.


Autism is spread over the world, but awareness about these conditions are not.


Based on recent studies, 1 in 110 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States. The Autism Awareness Day event aims to make the public more aware of ASD.


The chances are someone in your family, or you know, may have the symptoms, or their kids may start to show the early symptoms for the disorder. The awareness program will create knowledge about early age diagnosis and use interruption methods to get ready for the challenges they will face with a child on the spectrum.


Autism society declared the first national autism awareness month in April 1970. The aim is to educate people about Autism.

What is Autism

It is a mental development disability and complex mental condition in which the person will have difficulties in communication and interacting with other people.


Children may start to develop symptoms within the first three years after birth. It is a lifelong disability and has no known cause.

How to Diagnose

ASD diagnosis is difficult because there is no medical test to diagnose the disorders. Therapists analyze and observe the behavior and development of the children to make a diagnosis.


Sometimes symptoms will be visible in the early ages, and therapists and parents can detect them 18 months or earlier.


Diagnosis by experienced professionals by the age of 2 is reliable. However, most children do not receive the diagnosis until a much older age. The delay means that children on the spectrum do not receive the help they need most of the time.

How can early diagnosis help?

Diagnosing earlier can help the parent prepared for the challenges of raising a kid on the spectrum. The most important benefit of diagnosing at earlier ages is that it allows room to use therapy and intervention methods before harmful habits start to form and make them ready to interact with society. 

Does Therapy Help? 

Yes. Even though Autism itself is an uncurable condition, therapy can reduce some symptoms and avoid harmful behaviors.


Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy are recommended training and treatment programs. You can find someone who offers these therapies with government-approved professionals' help and get guidance from them.


If you are from Texas, Empower Therapy is one of the best places to get comprehensive and individualized care for your child. It offers ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy to children on the spectrum and others with similar disorders without ASD. It also has life skill training programs and inclusion school programs to make it easy for your child to adapt to society.

Credit: Empower Therapy published this article for Autism Awareness Month in April 2021.