Get Subsidy from Govt. - Register on MSME Databank



Government of India providing various benefits to MSME Sector to avail the benefits of MSME DATABANK REGISTRATION with help of Single Point Registration Process.

In this Article, we understand how to avail MSME DATABANK REGISTRATION benefits under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Rules, 2009.

What is MSME Databank Registration?

  1. MSME DATABANK Registration can be performed through the data bank.
  2. The medium and small businesses having PAN and UDYOG AADHAR Number for business can register on MSME DATABANK.
  3. The person needs to get the UDYOG AADHAAR enrolment first and then get registered for MSME Databank.
  4. This Database is built to help the acquisition agencies to purchase from MSMEs under the Public Procurement Policy of Government of India and to help the policymakers.

The Data Bank also aims to collect information on the basis of:

  • Investment
  • Turnover
  • A number of employees
  • Goods & services
  • Credit rating
  • Information related to joint ventures
  • Technology transfers
  • Export and import of machinery
  • Membership of the Associations etc.


Eligibility Criteria for MSME Databank?

The eligibility criteria for MSME databank are:

  • PAN

Important points to be kept in mind for MSME Data bank: 

  • If one is already having a UDYOG AADHAAR Memorandum (UAM).It’s way much easy to get enroll yourself in MSME DATABANK by visiting the following link Registration Page.
  • In case one is not having UDYOG AADHAAR. One must firstly get UDYOG AADHAAR by using your AADHAAR NUMBER of Proprietor or Partner of the firm.
  • After getting UDYOG AADHAAR One can apply in MSME DATABANK by fulfilling all the necessary details.
  • Once filling all the details, Tap on the submit button. One will receive user id and password on their registered e-mail id.
  • Applying this user id and password one can sign in to the MSME DATABANK portal and edit or update one’s data.


Benefits in registering MSME Databank:

  • MSME databank is a large database of MSMEs in India.
  • This database is formulated by the Government to support procurement agencies purchase from MSMEs under Public Procurement Policy.
  • This is a policy of the government in India and to help the policymakers.
  • MSMEs enrolled under the MSME databank suitable for becoming a supplier of Government organizations and entities.
  • Mandates for all Micro, Small and Medium enterprises to give information regarding the business on the MSME databank.
  • This will help in obtaining advantages in different schemes of the MSME Ministry.