Why buying few Groceries on Amazon is a wise decision


We mostly find that our nearest grocers are cheaper than online shopping but I find few groceries are much cheaper and a wise decision to buy on amazon.

Let me brief the list of few groceries which I always used to buy on Amazon.

1. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent Washing Powder, 3+1 Kg Free

Earlier I used to buy 2 Kg of Surf Excel Matic Front Load at about Rs. 430 means for me it priced at Rs. 215 per Kg, 

But when I saw on Amazon Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent Washing Powder, 3+1 Kg Free, it is generally priced at about Rs. 750-800 but mostly it has a lightning deal in which I usually get the price at about Rs. 650.

In this deal, Surf Excel Matic Front Load costs to me at Rs. 162 Per Kg.

Buy on Amazon now

Since I had a front-load fully automatic washing machine, I need this detergent on regular basis.

I have a consumption of about 3-4 Kg in a month. So I simply save about Rs. 200 only on this packet of 4 kg.


2. Clinic Plus Strong & Long Shampoo 1 Ltr

I usually buy shampoo in big packet so as to save money & time, because in my home in a month I usually have consumption of about 300-400 ml of shampoo in a month for all family members. So the packet of 1 kg will suffice for us for approx 3 months.

Mostly it is available at discounted price at Amazon. It generally costs to me at about 450-500. So per 100 gm it costs to me at about Rs. 50.

Earlier I used to buy 100 gm packets every week at about Rs.80.

Get it now on Amazon

So I saved about Rs. 100 only on this item also a huge saving of time for re-orders.

Because to order groceries now & then is a big hidden time killer work.