Author: Shubham Mittal

I show Chartered Accountants how they can charge premium prices by positioning themselves correctly & amplifying their influence, so they become the top choice for their prospects and clients. So, if you are an ambitious Chartered Accountant or student, then I want to share with you why am I doing what I am doing. I am on a mission to empower and enable 1 Lakh Chartered Accountants to help them to achieve their desired results and; live a life of abundance and fulfillment! Why I am on this mission? I hail from a humble family in a small city Kishangarh, Rajasthan. When I started my CA journey, I thought that CA’s have money, fulfillment, freedom, happiness, and fame in abundance. Gradually, I realized that only a small percentage of CA’s are living a fulfilled and abundant life. It often made me curious as to why all CA’s are not successful including me even if everyone has the same degree. I was also a CA who often wondered, “Did I work so hard for this kind of life?” I was neither fulfilled nor clear as to what I want in my life. I was totally a confused and frustrated person. So when I researched this aspect that why all CA’s are not living the same fulfilling life, I understood that we CA’s are very good at technical knowledge but nobody taught us how to get clarity in life and live a fulfilled life by doing what we love. Many CA’s accept this as reality but I didn't settle with it because I wanted to live a life where I don’t see any scarcity, don’t have time for myself, feel unfulfilled and simply work to make more money for someone else. After my research, I found my World-class mentors - Dev Gadhvi and Ron Malhotra who trained me to become a person who can live a fulfilled life and at the same time, can help other CA’s to achieve the same. With this objective to elevate and amplify CA’s, I'm on a mission to empower and enable CA’s to become a better version of themselves by helping them to live a fulfilled life and achieve desired results. I am also a host of “Shubham Mittal Show”. Not only this, my mentor Ron Malhotra gave me an opportunity to become his business partner. I'm now a Facilitator for his program "MBA of Success". If you are reading this, it shows me that you want to become a better version of yourself. To reward you and get started for your success, I have a GIFT for you. Download your copy of E-book by clicking on the link: If you are serious about your life and want me to help you, you can get your complimentary coaching call by messaging me in Inbox. To your success, Shubham

What you should do to become successful Professional?

1. You should know your purpose, passion i.e. YOUR WHY? 2. Have a MENTOR in life?...