What you should do to become successful Professional?



CA profession is one of the most lucrative profession and at the same time challenging too!


I know what you may be thinking NOW!

I know this but I don’t know where am I going?

You may think I don’t know what should I do in my career?

You may say there are no opportunities in the market for me?


How do I know this? Well, I have experienced the same situation and I have seen many such cases around me whether personally

or via social media messages.


But trust me this is situation of many CA’s including me and you, and If YOU can resonate with this, you are reading the most relevant article.

Before you read further, promise yourself and me that you will not just read this article and forget it in few days. Because human mind tend

to forget many things within span of 24 hours unless it is implemented in practical life to see the results.

I know for a fact that most of the Chartered Accountants are from middle class family and so am I. This being one of the cheapest (in terms of

money) and prestigious course available in the field of commerce.

While you are reading this article, reflect back in your life and see how you can relate to this article and simultaneously apply principles in life.

I want you to take action and not consider this as one of the article you read and forget, and then your will to change your life never changes.

If you are happy living a mediocre life and don’t have much ambitions, don’t waste your time to read this article further. This is only for ambitious

people who believe in maximising their potential and have the courage to do whatever it takes for making their life worth.


I used to always wonder that after getting a degree why only very few CA become successful and others remain mediocre? Mediocre mean


and living average life, average money, average satisfaction, average fulfilment, average impact and average mentality.

I am not saying this to demotivate you but to suggest you that don’t be a mediocre Chartered Accountant! Become such a person that people

remember YOU for decades.

You have spent sleepless nights to study and clear your exams. You have spent 16-17 hours working daily. You have sacrificed many family

events and other social gatherings just to study. You have managed articleship and classes and life all at the same time.

After doing so much hard work, YOU DESERVE SUCCESS!

But to achieve that SUCCESS you need to work hard again without settling for mediocrity.

Being a Chartered Accountant, you have an edge in the world but at the same time, we need to upgrade ourselves regularly to strive success.

Let us first discuss what you should not consider or ignore if you are really serious about your life.

1. Negative Environment – If people around you are not where you want to reach, don’t be with them. Don’t take advice from them. If you do

that, they will pass on their failures to you which will eventually discourage you to dream big.


There are so many people around you who have not achieved anything significant in life but always advice others because of their

preconceived notion and negative beliefs around growth and success.


If those people don’t understand your dreams, your ambitions, your growth, don’t listen to them. They are like rotten apple who will

make you like them and you don’t want to be like them, right?


Remember, Mediocrity is a contagious disease and it spreads faster. Don’t believe me? Go and observe it consciously.



2. Following the crowd – Don’t follow the crowd if you want to make it big. Have confidence in yourself and your dreams. Even if nobody is

thinking what you are thinking to do, DO IT! Most of the time people who follow crowd don’t have any vision, they just have eyes which is

blinded by the ignorance.

There is a saying that when – Everybody is thinking the same thing, it means nobody is thinking at all.


If you want to become successful - Be different. Do different. Have different.


Remember, most of the time what crowd does is WRONG. To confirm this, look at the ratio of successful people and other people. You

understand now!


3. Don’t let your articleship decide your future – I have heard many times from new CAs that “I have done my 3 years articleship in audit and tax.

How can I change my career now?”


Like seriously? Then I ask them a question – “Are you concerned about 3 years that have gone OR are you ready to use next 30/40 years

of your life to live a great life? Choice is yours!”


4. Don’t decide your career basis degree – This is again a most followed practice by Chartered Accountants. Conventionally, it has been set in the

mind of the CA that you are made for only audit, tax, finance etc.



My point is - WHY?


Why CA cannot become a businessperson? Why a CA cannot become a millionaire or billionaire? Why a CA cannot become singer?

Why a CA cannot become global education icon? Why a CA cannot become a painter? Why a CA cannot become a real estate consultant?

Why a CA cannot become comedian? Why ………….?


Times have changed. But when my fellow CA will change their thought process?


When will CAs expand horizon for career choice? When will CAs be happy and fulfilled with their work? When will CAs be recognised globally

for their work? When will CAs will dream big and unconventional?


And then they complain that they are not happy with their job? They are not happy with their life? They are not happy with their practice?


Listen, you cannot be happy if you are not loving what you do and doing just to follow the convention?


Don’t expect a sympathy from others if you are not serious about your life decisions.


Remember, you are FREE to choose what you choose, but you are NOT FREE to choose consequence of what you choose.


Now, let us discuss opportunities for you in today’s world.


There are huge opportunities for YOU. Gone are the days when you needed lot of money, or a big space, or too many powerful connections

to start a business. You can create a business out of your creativity and technology. Yes, using social media you can create million dollar business.


You just need a strong WHY for yourself. You need to know why you want to do what you want to do? Most of the businessman doesn’t even

love their business because they are not clear why. They are doing the business and working like an employee to survive.


If you are saying that you are not financially sound. You are too young. You are too old. You don’t have enough knowledge. You have never done this.


You know what – These are known as EXCUSES!


There are so many examples wherein it is evident that age is just a number. If you are willing to do the things you want to do, you can do and you must do.


There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin – Most men are dead at the age of 30 but they are not buried until the age of 75.


It means most of the people don’t even pursue their dreams and they keep struggling in their entire life. And then they see others on social media,

making money and say – “He is lucky”. “She is god-gifted”. This…. That…. All kind of excuses.


What they actually do is –  They Console themselves for not dreaming BIG and not working towards their dreams.


There was a research by Mckinsey that there will be 800 million job reduction due to technology and disruption. Some people can say – no worries.

I will have a different job then.


Well, if you are ready to do any kind of work for money and not willing to design your life the way you want, it’s okay. Everybody makes a choice and

every choice has its consequence. Later, don’t see others on social media, making millions and say – He/ She was lucky. His/ her parents must be rich.

They must be intelligent. Etc.


But if you are that person who thinks – Enough is enough. Now, I need to make my life better and I am ready to do anything for it. When this point

triggers within you, next few lines are for YOU.


So, what you should do to become successful?

1. You should know your purpose, passion i.e. YOUR WHY? When you know why you want to do something, you are clear and you feel fulfilled with the

work you do. Also, work doesn’t look like work when you love what you do.

To start your journey and find your why, you can read “Start with Why” and “Find your Why” by Simon Sinek.

People buy from you because of your WHY and not, what you do or how you do!


2. Have a MENTOR in life. A person who can guide you in life to move forward in right direction. I believe don’t take advice from any person who has

no ambitions and not tried anything in their life. Such person can be you parents, friends, office colleagues, relatives, media, etc.


I have come across many people who hesitate to invest money in mentors. Why? Because they believe why to waste money on mentors? Well,

first of all, money you invest for mentor is actually an investment into yourself. But do we realise it?


Secondly, if your priority is money over time and you want to take long time to become successful, then you may avoid going to a mentor and

waste your time in making mistakes which could have been avoided.


Otherwise, if you are somone who believes that time is precious, find a right mentor for you and change your life today.


I say it because my mentors have changed my life and I am proud of my decision.



3. Surround yourself with ambitious and like-minded people to maximise your time and life. You know that you are average of 5 people around you.

Now, it’s up to you who you allow in your life to take your most time.


You may not find ambitious in your current circle. So, what can you do here? GO OUT! Find new people who think like you. Meet those people

who believe in growing and making an impact in the world.


It is said that YOUR NETWORK = YOUR NET WORTH. I believe it is important to have quality network, otherwise, net worth can be negative too.

You know what I mean? I know you get it being a CA fraternity member.


4. Follow a daily routine which includes meditation, goals writing, affirmation, visualisation etc. This will allow you to become better version of yourself.

CAUTION: You have to do these continuously to have tangible results.


Make this things part of your routine. Don’t touch your mobile when you wake up and rather invest that time in yourself to improve yourself and

become a better human being.


5. Work on your inner self. It means you should work on your inner soul i.e. being clear on who you are, what you want, why you want, what is success

for you, removing limiting beliefs, understanding your mind power.


Being part of CA fraternity, we all have worked on ourselves to make resilient but you know what? Working on yourself and knowing who you are and

what you stand for is very important for long term success.


When you are aligned with your purpose and values, you see a change inside you and that change is for sure in a better sense.


6. Read and listen. It means keep learning from various sources i.e. books, podcast, social media, mentors, workshops, success education.


There are so many avenues now a days to learn if one is WILLING to learn. There is no need to pay money also. But willingness should be there to learn

and implement.


Here I am not saying you will become a great person in a month or so but atleast, you can start the process of becoming a better version of yourself.


Once you equip yourself with RIGHT KPI i.e. Knowledge + People + Implementation, then your life is bound to change for better.

I know you are an ambitious person otherwise, you wouldn’t have read it till here.

Believe me there are a lot of opportunities for you BUT you need to come out of your comfort zone. You may have heard – Kahi pahuchne k liye kahi se

nikalna padta h. This line applies in real life also but how many of us take this line seriously?

It takes courage to make a decision to change life. Many people say it and only few have courage and commitment to make it happen in reality. I want

YOU to be those few people who make things happen and design their life themselves and not misguided by others.

Before saying goodbye, I would like to say one thing – Fulfil your dreams NOW and don’t wait for tomorrow.


I would love to know your thoughts and questions.


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“Become Architect of your life and not puppet of it ~ Shubham Mittal”