Motivation - Can someone motivate you?



Most of us are having one or more inherent strength. But some of us are able to express those strengths and do better but others are not able to identify those strengths and achieve what we actually deserve.


Have you ever thought what the reason behind this difference is? People who are able to do better are doing something special or in other words what the people who are not able to achieve the deserving are lacking something in their efforts?

Well, without going into much detail and confusing you, let me come on the point. What I found is that the people who are not able to get the deserved are lacking one very important thing in their life – MOTIVATION.


Now at very first instance lots of questions will come from your side, like:

How to get motivated?

Who will motivate?

Why we need motivation? etc.


Hold on….. There are lots of books in markets on motivation. You will find lots of lectures on the subject. These all are having good stuff…. No doubt. You will get to learn something from all of these. But I will not suggest those for you at this level because you have to do some work on yourself before moving ahead.


Because I believe that first motivation should come from within you. You need to develop a belief in yourself first that what you are doing is right and you have to take responsibility for your actions and doings. So what can you do for this?


You need to change your attitude towards life - both personal and professional. You need to be positive about your surroundings, your actions, your plans, and your relations. In nutshell, you need to zero down the negativity around you in all the ways and around all the corners.


What is the key player in motivation or when we get motivated? Very simply, we can say that when benefits are more than the sufferings then we get motivated to do that action. These benefits are not necessary to be monetary only; these may also be in-kind like appreciation, respect, etc.


So from the above discussion, you can understand that the best motivator for you is no anyone but you yourself are.


Now the question arises that is it possible for someone to motivate you?

My answer is straight forward – No. No one can motivate you.




But I stand on my statement that no one in this world can motivate you.


Then what about all these books, lectures, seminars on motivation, are all these of no use? My answer to your question is NO. These are useful but you have to understand the things clearly.


These all books, lectures, seminars, or whatever name is, are not motivating you but these all INSPIRE you.


Again surprised?


Let me clarify, there is quite a beautiful difference between motivation and inspiration. Inspiration is an idea, a thought, a push but motivation is the action. You can understand that if someone gives you matchstick for creating fire then that matchstick is an inspiration but if by that inspiration you controlled your mind to create fire, is the motivation you do with yourself.


No one can motivate you to do something but can inspire you to do that. Then you need to motivate yourself to do that action. You have to create a hunger for motivation and then keep on feeding for that hunger and then again create hunger. This should be a continuous cycle. There are various motivating factors like money, recognition, respect, responsibility, community, etc. These all work for everyone depending upon the circumstances and requirements. You need to identify which factor influence you the most.


Now you might say that whatever to be done by me, I am doing to the best of mine, then what additional I need to do to motivate myself?


That’s what I am trying to explain to you that you don’t need to do something special. You just need to change your attitude towards things and remain positive about your action. Mean to say total positive attitude.


To develop this positive attitude or to be motivated you can do the following:


1. Self - Talk  Whenever you are going to face some challenges, you can talk yourself in a positive note that you will deal with that challenge.


2. Self - Suggestion  You can discuss with yourself and suggest some more ideas for your action. How you can do that action more effectively.


3. Self - Appreciation  If you do something good, you can appreciate yourself. That will help you in doing better next time.


4. Self – Criticism  Never shy in criticising yourself, but do in a constructive way, not the destructive one. Means you criticise yourself that you have not done well this time but if you will analyse the reason behind it you can do better next time. By doing this you will not give up but again stand up for the action with zeal to do better.


5. Self – Remind  You need to remind yourself of your goals. So write down your goals and keep reading those goals daily morning and evening until you achieve those goals.


As I said above that for getting motivated you need inspiration from someone. Now it depends on you how you take inspiration, you can take negative inspiration or positive inspiration from the same event. You have to choose out of two. You can understand the same from the below example:


There was a person who was doing a professional course, CA. But after trying hard for 6-7 years, he was not able to crack the degree finally. He was having two younger brothers, one out of which has, later on, cracked CA degree within three years with all India Rank but other has chosen to quit education after graduation. When someone asked the first one what inspire you to become a successful CA. He replied, the failure of my elder brother in CA. As I create zeal in me that I have to crack a CA degree at any cost and kept on reminding my goal to me on daily basis. And at last, I did it. When the same question was raised with the second brother that what inspired him to quit his studies after graduation. He replied, my elder brother's failure in CA. I thought that CA is not a good career to pursue because it takes much to crack the degree.


So from the above example, we can understand that your positive attitude is the biggest motivator for your success. If you are waiting for someone to come to you and motivate you and then you will get all the success in your life, then you are doing the biggest mistake of your life.


And apart from above you also need to identify that what stops you from being motivated? In most cases there are two main factors which stop you from getting motivated:

1.Lack of excitement

2.Self-satisfaction (complacency)


Because when you are complacent, it means you are not excited to achieve something in your life then you can’t expect that thing to come to you automatically. You have to create excitement in you to achieve a goal then only you can motivate yourself to get that.


To get success in your life you have to be self-motivator of yourself by changing your attitude positive towards life and surroundings.


To conclude I would like to mention the golden words by Late A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (Ex. President of India & also known as Missile Man of India):


“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping

it is something that does not let you sleep.”