Formal Education traps to make us soldier not the king


I was an average student until the 3rd standard. I used to go to school, study while in school, come back home, go for playing with friends, do the homework, enjoy with siblings, watch TV and go to sleep. That was life for me. Exams and tests had limited space.

While I was in fourth, by mistake I scored highest marks in math unit test. That was the first silent kick to me in the well of school books. I was highlighted in the eyes of class teachers and my colleagues. And from that day my life got changed, slowly space of my life started occupying with the syllabus, next exams, top competitors. Then I used to go home, after the meal, start doing homework, after homework upcoming tests preparations till night, then dinner, again the revision of today’s study, bag arrange and go for sleep. For me and my parent's school books were the ultimate knowledge. Neither I nor my parents bothered about what was there are books. My mother used to proud of me & felt herself the luckiest person when she saw me waking up daily at 4.00 O’clock in the morning for study. They were rest assured that I was on the right path if I am studying school syllabus books.


What was there in the school syllabus books, till 10th standard, it was Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Maths, Science, History, SST & G.K. In Hindi, English & Sanskrit there were a lot of stories and we were supposed to cram all the questions of the chapters. Now the basic purpose behind studying the 3 language subjects is to know how to read, write & speak these languages. But in spite of a topper throughout, since from 4th standard, I was not able to speak in English or Sanskrit, Hindi was my mother tongue which I learned to speak even before joining the school. Nor I was confident to write in any of the languages without grammatical errors. I had vocabulary collection in my mind only for the words of my mother tongue.


And the purpose for other subjects to have basic knowledge of maths, calculations, our political & geographical structure, rough information about our history & current affairs. But in the race of scoring, I crammed the story of each emperor from the last 1000 years with the exact year of their rulings. I crammed the exact size, population etc. of each state in India. And so many other useless things.            


Till now also I am not able to cop up with the loss of so many sleepless nights which I sacrificed for cramming those subjects. For what, what is the use of those certificates with high scores in my practical life.

The conclusion is that formal education is a trap to make us a soldier, not the king.


Now we as a student or we as a parent need to focus on the concept of learning not just scoring.

Every one of us is blessed with some unique specialty & the only thing that is to be done is to identify that specialty or interests at which we are good at.

And need to cultivate those interests into a passion and ultimately a business or a profession.

If we do business or profession in which we put soul & complete interest, that business or profession grows at a different scale which will be always ahead of competitors.

We need to develop the sideline skills along with to nurture that interest into a commercial venture.

So formal education is just a base to clear common concepts, develop a little bit of general knowledge, a common & basic knowledge of languages, maths etc.

Do be so serious about the high scoring, chill, enjoy the warm-up, because the journey is yet to start………………….