Benefits of switching over to automated attendance management system


In order to ensure success of any academic institution, attendance management, isone of the most essential requisites. According to studies and research, it has been found that, quality of education and tracking of employees is getting highly affected due to reasons of poor attendance. Factors like disorganized manual attendance management system, are contributing towards the failure of schools, to meet the expectations of the parents. 

However, by adapting automated online school attendance management system, school management can easily keep a track of students and teachers attendance records. Gone are the days when attendance of the students and the staff was managed by conventional methods like time sheets, clocks and musters. 

By adapting to automated college attendance system, educational institutions can save substantial time, efforts and resources, which they would otherwise need to invest by following manual attendance management system. However, automated attendance management system should not be used with the sole purpose of tracking students and teachers attendance records, but also to optimize human resource management and supervision of payroll system. 

Automated attendance management system goes a long way in providing accuracy in calculation of salaries. Online attendance helps in simplifying the lengthy and complicated salary calculation procedures like computation of variable pay components and overtime. Manual attendance management system involves great risk of discrepancies to arise. 

Automated attendance management system help in identifying the poor attendance of students, which in turn greatly affects their grades and other important academic evaluations. Also, by adapting to online paperless attendance management system, one can save time as well as reduce the chances of redundant attendance entries. 

There are various software available related to automated attendance management system which schools and educational institutions can install for ensuring timely and accurate attendance data. The system offers a secure and robust tracking of attendance records of bot staff as well as the students. The online system can easily keep a track of teachers and students attendance along with their leave requests and automated calculation of the leaves accrued by them. 

One of the major benefits of online attendance management system is that, school management can now update parents about their wards progress status and performance standards via emails or SMS alerts. This helps the parents in getting briefs about their child’s regularity in attending school and also prevents them from blaming the school management for the child’s poor performance. Parents can be immediately notified and alerted in case of their child missing school or his uninformed absence. Constant updates help the parents be at peace knowing about their child being in safe zone.