Cover letter drafting to gt the Interview call for sure


Jobseeker should design a cover letter in three parts:

  1. Introduction

This part is of very much importance as in this paragraph, you have to catch the recruiter’s interest to read your cover letter till the end.


Start it by mentioning the name of the recruiter, if possible. And then introduce yourself along with your background so that the recruiter keeps reading it.


  1. Body

In this part, you can use bullet points or two to three very small & precise paragraphs. Here, you can convince the recruiter that based on your experience, skills and personality; you are the best candidate for this job.


Do best efforts to link your past experiences with the requirements of the job to the maximum extent possible. The skills & achievements mentioned by you should be factual. Especially don’t forget to mention how you can contribute in the growth of the company.


  1. Conclusion

In this last part keep your focus on the following points:

  1. Justify your suitability for the position
  2. Express your interest and availability for an in-person interview


General tips for a well-crafted cover letter:


  1. Keep the cover letter limited to one page only. Avoid repeating the things which are already covered in your resume.
  2. Mention the name of the person (if possible) to whom you are sending the cover letter. Avoid using generic words and phrases like “To whom so ever it may concern”
  3. Highlight your strengths but without arrogance. Focus on the strengths, which are more relevant for the position, in a strong way such that the recruiter doesn’t care about your weaknesses.
  4. Neither exaggerate nor make any unwanted commitments (unless it is the primary requirement of the position) like you are ready to relocate, you are flexible for outstation visits etc.
  5. Keep your cover letter very concise and use bullet points or small paragraphs.


Remember that your cover letter is your first and last opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition outside. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills, knowledge and other strengths so perfectly that the recruiter doesn’t have any doubt that you could perform well at this position.


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