Useful Tips for a new Job Search



Useful Tips for Job Search:

Here we will discuss the simple ways to search a job for all candidates, who are freshers. Below are some tips for your job search:


1. Do research and understand the job market: Give yourself some time to get ready for a job. A fresher should not immediately jump in the race of joining a company.

You should invest around two to three weeks in doing research and understanding the job market. By doing this you will save yourself from taking wrong decisions. You can:


a. find out from your interests, background and future plans which kind of corporate you are looking to work at in future.


b. understand the industry and range of salary for a fresher like you. You can discuss it with your friends, mentors and can also do online research on various job sites. But if your financial situation allows you, at this level don’t be very much fussy about salary because this is your learning phase. Focus on the future prospects; not on the money.

2. Create a digital presence for yourself: In this era of technological transformation, you have to go digital. Create your profile on popular social media platforms; especially LinkedIn and start following the recruiters and professionals from the industry of your choice. Engage yourself with their posts and activities.

You can write some post on industry or related to your work to grab recruiter’s attention. Write engaging posts on the topics you excel in. This will work as your pre-interview. If the recruiter is familiar with your professional & technical strength; your chances of landing the job become ten times higher.


3. Visit career pages of companies of your choice: Every reputed company maintains a career page for jobseekers. You can search this on Google or other search engines as well. Visit the page of your dream companies, create your profile there and submit your resume.


By doing so, you will be able to show your interest in the company. It’s worth a shot. You never know, it might be an opportunity knocking your door right there.


4. Use online job portals: There are many job portals which are very active and famous in the job market. Some of such renowned names:


Visit these sites and register yourself there. Submit your resume and use their features like job search on the basis of date of posting, location and industry etc. Here, you can create a job alert also through which you will get an alert mail or message whenever any job matching your criteria is posted on these sites.


5. Job fairs and related events: Job fairs and other such events are actually a great opportunity for you to explore yourself and to have a face to face meeting with potential recruiters. Don’t forget to carry your business cards having your contact details and link of your social media profile.


6. Job Referral: In many corporates, there is a policy in HR manuals that if any existing employee of the company will refer any new employee, then that existing employee will get a referral bonus. So make a list of all your contacts who are working in corporates and don’t shy away in calling them or meeting with them to discuss that if they can help with referral.


Job referral can land you in such jobs which are not disclosed in any job portal by the company.


7. Walk-in-interview: If you want to have a live experience of the interview process and corporate culture, then these walk-in-interviews are very good for you as a fresher.


8. Sending direct mails: Find the mail IDs of recruiters or employers of your preferred industry from job portals, placement books, and company websites and shoot a mail directly to them describing your interest in the company for a particular role. By sending mail directly, you will come in their notice and you might get a chance if any need arises in these companies.


Avoid calling recruiters or HR personnel on their mobile until & unless you have some proper reference.


9. Campus placements: Many reputed institutes organise campus placements for their students in which well-known corporates participate to pick out the most brilliant minds. In these campus placements, corporates mostly offer handsome packages and also in these companies you will find an environment of great learning. So never miss out campus placements and keep visiting your institute’ website to remain updated about the procedural deadlines like registration date, mock test date etc.


Be positive and keep doing your efforts, you will get a call for an interview very soon with the help of the tips discussed above.


If your resume is selected for interview, you will get a telephone call or an email. Keep in mind following things while answering such a call:


a. Speak loudly but in a clear voice

b. Speak full sentences with full confidence

c. Use correct grammatical structures. We are talking about grammar here. Don’t confuse it with spelling. You are on a phone call. But do mind spellings also while replying through mail.

d. Pitch and tone of your voice should be normal.

e. And most important thing is to listen to the caller carefully and note down the following things for sure:

  1. Caller’s name, contact no. and designation
  2. Name & address of the company
  3. Designation of the offered position
  4. Name of the interviewer and his designation (contact no. also if possible)
  5. Date, time and venue of interview


Let’s now learn about interview skills like how to prepare for an interview, how to face an interview, what preparation should be done before an interview, how to present yourself during an interview and what to do post interview etc. Though it seems that searching a job is very tedious task but always remember that lazy people always complain while go-getters create opportunities.


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