Promotional Plan to Reach Professional Users at CPC of Rs.1


ProfZilla is a portal for professional having Listings, Job search / post & knowledgeable Articles for CA, CS, MBA & other professionals. We have about 10000 sign up members from more than 300 cities of India at the portal & we email our weekly newsletter which goes to all the members. We send about 1 lakh emails in a month for job alerts, listing etc. In all the emails, newsletters we have promotional spaces, wherein we are promoting the brands which are online based & have a national presence.  In addition, we have various other ad boxes at various pages/ jobs / articles of the website.

We are promoting the businesses on the basis of CPC bid (cost per click) as low as Rs. 1 per click.

Since we have professional audiences, which are the premium customers for you, so it may be a good promotional space for you to grow your business in India.

For details, you can call  / WhatsApp at 9625012731 / 9971222045.

Our Website prominent places are:-

I hope you will find it workable.

How it will work:-

1. You will give us the templates to promote & your URL link where you want the user to go.

2. You can recharge your account with as low as Rs. 200, the amount will be deducted from your wallet on the basis of clicks. Any time you can withdraw your remaining balance or can stop promotions.

3. We will pop up your templates on our website, mailers, newsletter to help you reach customers.

To join us, please confirm me back on email ( or can call or WhatsApp at 9625012731 / 9971222045. 

We help startups to grow with us.

This plan can help many businesses like accounting software developers, ERP & POS developers, other business software developers, online stationery sellers, online gift sellers, online luggage & other product sellers,  laptop & computer vendors & accessaories providers, laptop & software repair & updation service providers.