Linked e-form filing on MCA / ROC portal.......


Linked E-form Filing on MCA / ROC portal…… How can I upload linked eForm?

  1. Do login at MCA portal. If login not created create now.
  1. Click on MCA Services tab.


  1. Under e-filing menu, click Upload eForms tab. The Upload eForms page will be displayed.
  2. Click the eForm Upload button/link. The eForm Filing option will be displayed.
  3. Choose normal filing or resubmission SRN as applicable.
  1. Select the Check box of Liked Forms option.
  1. Click on Browse button and select the eform to be uploaded.


  1. And now to upload linked eforms, click the Add more linked eForms button. Click on Browse button and select the linked eform to be uploaded. Follow similar process to upload more linked eforms.

Maximum 10 linked eforms can be uploaded.

  1. After successful upload the SRN of the uploaded eForm will be displayed.
  1. Now there is option to make payment – Immediate payment or pay later.
  1. If you choose to pay now option, the fee payment screen will be displayed.
  1. Select the desired payment option making payment of Fee. Make the payment.
  1. Once payment is done, SRN is generated and displayed.
  1. A transaction receipt/acknowledgment is generated.